Our Story

Founded in 2019, we aim to offer our customers a variety of premium pet products. We are passionate about providing quality pet products and services to customers. We’ve come a long way, so we know which direction to take when supplying you with high-quality and budget-friendly products. We offer all while providing excellent customer service and friendly support. We are going to furnish you with a reliable eCommerce platform and insights you are looking for. We assure you that you will enjoy it!

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a predominant market leader in premium pet care products and their services with excellent customer service and go the extra mile fulfilling customers’ needs and expectations all in a fiduciary manner.

Our Vission

Our vision is to grow and provide unique products and services and be a responsible corporate citizen while increasing profits and maintaining user satisfaction. We seek to innovate new and in-demand ideas through the innovative management and work toward expansion through new market segments.

Our Value

Our values are quality, transparency, and excellence in all aspects of the business.

Our Greatest Minds

Franklin Ekwem

Founder & CEO 
Franklin is a highly ambitious Entrepreneur. He is self-confident and able to tackle problems immediately with confidence. He is persistent in the pursuit of his objectives. 

Shamal Badhe

Co-Founder & CMO 
Shamal loves to generate new ideas and devises feasible solutions to broadly relevant problems. She enjoys embracing the lessons learned from failure, stands up, and continues to grow. 

Satyapriya Mishra

Co-Founder & CTO 
Satyapriya is passionate about opportunities created through digital learning strategies and technology. He is an energetic, effective and visionary organizational leaders. 

Sathya Narayanan

Founder & COO
Sathya is truly focused person on supporting cross-functional teams to increase customer satisfaction through process improvements.

Chief Legal Officer

Mclntire Allen

Co-Founder & CLO
Allen is an attorney licensed by New York and California. He has practiced law in Tōkyō, New York, Los Angeles and Ōsaka for some of the largest law firms headquartered in those cities. He’s fluent in Japanese and has experience working for and with internet startups since the 1990s in Southern California.

Vismay Shah

Chief Finance Officer
Vismay is a visionary leader, admired for shattering financial performance records, driving radical growth. He is a trusted financial expert with a remarkable history of designing highly efficient reporting system and optimizing staff performance.

Advisor on Operational and Corporate Development

Richard Johnston

Advisor on Operational and Corporate Development
Richard works hard to utilize Tel Others' strengths to meet its business goals. Adapt at corporate planning, market research and sales development.

Tel Others advisor

Genevieve Harris-Eckel

Advisor on Business Development & Expansion Specialist
Genevieve is a highly organized and detail oriented business development advisor. Formulate and building marketing strategies by advising to C-level teams.